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What makes a great maple syrup?

Paradise Farms has won blue ribbons the past four years for "Best In Class" Maple Products in New York State, for our light amber, our medium amber, our extra dark amber, and our maple sugar.

While we can't speak for other maple producers, we can tell you why we believe ours is special. Our maple trees grow lining old farmland and as such, aren't over-crowded. This has allowed our maple canopy tree tops to be spread out wide receiving an abundance of sunshine all year long. We believe this accounts for the incredibly high sugar content found in our product. And when the sugar content is high, the maple color and flavors are incredibly light and sweet making Paradise Farms maple products blue ribbon winners.

We also believe there's something to be said about a traditional approach to maple farming. We've kept our operation simple and our sugar bush is still maintained the old fashioned way. We tap and collect bucket by bucket with no tubing or fancy machinery used. This traditional "hands-on" approach allows us the closely monitor the collection and keep only the sap that we see is clean and crystal clear. Lastly, we still cook over a roaring wood fire with most of the wood from older maples that needed clearing; a kind of a nice full circle approach to maple production.
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Blue Ribbon Maple Syrup 64oz 
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Maple Sugar 16oz Granulated 
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